How to Boost Slow Android Phone?

Amazing things are not always perfect. For example, Android, it is an amazing open-source mobile operating system but somewhere lags. Android smartphones are liable to suffer slow performance over the time. The glory of your Android smartphone has gone forever; what it is used to be expeditious is now dragging itself just to follow your commands.

However, this is a common problem and probably a year’s of use has made your Android smartphone feel laggy. Here, the question arises that how to speed up my Android phone? So, in this guide, we will help you to speed up Android device’s performance and moreover, diverts your attention from buying a new and expensive smartphone.

Here are a few easy-to-do steps to boost slow Android phone:

Clean Cache and Junk Files

Clean Cache and Junk Files

Smartphones solve multiple purposes such as playing online games, downloading several applications, surfing internet, and so on. It eventually creates cache files and junk files over the time. The moment you hit the browser, cache files start housing in your smartphone’s storage. However, it intelligently keeps things stored in the local storage, but over the time, they generally start to misbehave. We really need to wipe out these cache files and junk files to make Android faster.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Admit it!! We all use to download multiple apps on a whim and we generally don’t use many of them. However, they do nothing; they just sit idle in your smartphone and simply use your device’s resources. They take up a major part of your device’s memory, so in order to boost your Android’s performance, get rid of these unwanted applications. Delete all these unwanted applications and speed up your Android device.

Delete Unnecessary Apps
Drop-off Unwanted Widgets

Drop-off Unwanted Widgets

Widgets look attractive and they are equally useful as well. But look at them once again; are you using all of them? Maybe NO. Consider disabling those widgets which you are not using. However, there is no harm in keeping them active, but disabling leads to saving some storage space that boost-up your Android device.

Get Software Updates

Software updates are necessarily recommended to boost the slow performance of your Android device. Keep updating the software installed on your Android device. These updates usually fix minor bugs and boost up the services and software you’re using. Keep checking the software updates and update notification; and yes, don’t ever enable the auto-update option, as it works as a huge battery drainer.

software update mobile
Manage Background Running Apps

Manage Background Running Apps

Background running apps are the real culprits that slow down your Android device to the core. There must be several applications running behind the home screen without your knowledge. Go to Settings> Apps> Running, and close all the background running applications manually. These are the major resource devourer of your device.

You can use any of the above-mentioned tips to make Android faster, but not every tip will work on your phone. So, instead of performing all these tedious tips manually, I would like to suggest a one-click Android booster, i.e. Smart Phone Cleaner.

How Smart Phone Cleaner helps you to
speed up your Android device?

Android Cleaner
  • Junk File Cleaner : Smart Phone Cleaner gently performs background cache cleaning and helps you to delete the junk files and temporary files to recover wasted storage space.

  • Smart File Explorer : It helps you recover more storage space by managing it in a smart way. Preview, back-up and delete that data as per your requirement using File Explorer.

  • Optimize Phone and External Storage : Smart Phone Cleaner optimizes both internal and external storage space on Android device.

  • Reclaim Precious Memory : By deleting junk files, temporary files, unwanted widgets, and applications, you can recover chunks of storage space on your Android device.

Download and Install now if your phone is running slow.

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Smart Phone Cleaner is a one-tap optimizer that helps you speed up Android device by cleaning up the
junk files. It is an advanced Android booster that lets you reclaim the wasted storage space.